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Grupo Polo has central patios in different points nationwide.


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I am native of a town near Tarma, a town were also  my siblings Maritza and Hugo were born, current partners and pillars of our family business. Our father, Silvestre, was a Mining Engineer who emigrated to Lima in the 90s, with the purpose of offering us a future full of opportunities, so thats how I could  finish my studies as a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Callao The end of my career, I started my intership in Centromin Peru, my performance was very good  I was in a good company and learning a lot of what I have studies. However, during that time, my father purchased a bus in order to help our family’s expenses, at this time it is when I decides to help my father’s decision and prioritize  my family. So I left aside my professional career at Centromin Peru. Over time, the bus that we acquired was associated with the El Rápido Transportation Company. In this company I started as a collector and driver to gain experience and learn more about the business. The years went by and I became General Manager before I got to become President of the El Rápido Transport Company. Each day  was a learning process for me. In 2007  I had the opportunity to buy a transport company, the Consorcio Vía, which had only 25 Daewoo brand buses. At this point of my professional life  I had to make a decision to know what kind of service and what changes can be made to improve transportation service in my country.

Polo Peréz






To provide a high-quality Urban Transport service with modern high capacity buses, minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment. Looking for a win-win relationship with all our stakeholders.


Be generators of the change in the Urban Transport in Peru, becoming operators of fast transport buses (BTR) sustained in the professionalism, creativity, and passion of our people.

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Polo Perez Orihuela


PRINCIPAL shareholder

Hugo Perez Orihuela


We are committed to improve transportation in Peru